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Dense frame is very easy to use the eight characteristics introduced


1, with a reliable center straightness, smooth and lightweight drainage.
2, the use of steering wheel folding crank handle.
3, load capacity:> 600kg / m3.
4, the cabinet space utilization:> 80%.
5, transmission: mechanism-type automatic off-hook drive. Sprocket production standards according to GB1135-89 and GB1244-84 standards, are machined from the surface of the black anti-rust treatment.
6, the transmission system uses a dedicated chain, double row adjustable spherical roller bearings, the sun standard gate rolling wheel with high strength cast iron material, transmission mechanism flexible, smooth, strong and powerful.
7, each column cabinet structure are equipped with a brake device to ensure access to personnel personal safety.
8, the use of a cold-rolled steel plate. Each side of the frame is equipped with a magnetic rubber seal, the top is equipped with dust board, the bottom is equipped with anti-rat device, after the interval without a gap, can play dust, rodent, anti-theft, light protection requirements.

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