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Iron file cabinet to solve your desk messy troubles


See all the mess on the desk, not only affect the office, but also lost some important documents, bring some unnecessary losses, then now you are still a lot of cards, a lot of copy, a book File and worry? Or you still because of the increase in the workload, the information pile in the office and can not do it? Do not worry. Because at this time, you need a workplace can bring you convenient and coherent, so you work together handy, but also for you to create a good working environment of office furniture, that is what we call the metal file cabinet.
    Why must the metal file cabinet it, other materials, the cabinet is not the same? This is certainly not absolute, but relative to other materials of the cabinet, metal cabinet has a little more to make you convinced.
   Through the rigorous fire test, the temperature is kept at 120 ° C for 120 minutes. Disappear, the data can not read) 180 degrees Celsius, absolutely meet the safety of your paper data storage .1. Material: Baosteel 0.5mm cold-rolled steel plate by cutting, stamping, bending, welding, assembly
2. Counter: counter with advanced spraying production, high temperature plastic from, good corrosion resistance, environmental protection and durable, soft colors, smooth and beautiful.
3. Grid: file cabinet grid is adjustable, after strengthening the treatment, durable, uphold good performance, can store a large number of books without deformation.
4. Lock: exquisite lock more so that the product of extraordinary tolerance, good security factor. Glass with float glass, transparent and easy to watch.
5. Drawer: high pressure type drawer, large storage capacity, push and pull smooth, exquisite shape, can be used in different environments

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