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The basic requirements for high - quality metal filing cabinets


1, metal file cabinet is a common office furniture, high-quality metal file cabinet must also have high-quality raw materials as a basis, this article for you to introduce the basic requirements of high-quality metal file cabinet raw materials.
2, metal filing cabinet on the appearance of the strict requirements of the edge of the edges and corners to be standardized, and the formation of the angle of 90 degrees at right angles. In the purchase of metal cabinet, hand touch panel to see if it is smooth, the edges and corners should not have sharp edges.
3, metal file cabinet Material:
Precision cutting plate of the technical strength and technological content must be excellent, so as to be able to create high-quality sheet and the precise size.
4, metal file cabinet raw materials technology:
Has a strong technical force, the use of electrostatic powder spray process, and phosphating anti-rust treatment, which can extend the life of the file cabinet.

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