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Do you know the details of the file cabinet you want to pay attention to


I do not know since when, filing cabinet has become an indispensable part of the work, because of its style and more, the price is not equal, so that people in the purchase of a headache, unable to start. Today, often office furniture Xiaobian come for everyone to discuss the details of the purchase of file cabinet to pay attention to.
1. Look rugged: We all know that filing cabinets are mostly used for long-term storage of documents, so the practicality is very strong. It is recommended that you in the purchase, we must choose strong, good quality, and in the open door when the situation does not appear shaking cabinet. Correct choice of file cabinet has a coup.
2. pay attention to its environment-friendly: most of the time spent in the office, so choose the environmental protection cabinet or not, a direct impact on our health, mood and so on. It is recommended that we must choose environmentally friendly file cabinet, so that people can rest assured that the work.
Skills: In the purchase of the file cabinet, you can ask whether the selected file cabinet smell, if there is, you can determine the file cabinet is not healthy, not environmentally friendly, otherwise, is regarded as healthy, environmentally friendly file cabinet.
The above is the purchase of the file cabinet to pay attention to the details, only for everyone to share, I hope everyone in the purchase of a lot of attention, look, choose their own file cabinet.

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