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What about the taboo of office furniture


The emergence of office furniture, not only for the office environment to add a trace of anger, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the office. Can be so much advantage of the office furniture, what taboo? Follow the office furniture Xiaobian to see it!
1. Avoid using alkaline or water to clean office furniture, to know that it is easy to damage the surface of office furniture, or even serious, resulting in cracking the office furniture cracking.
2. Avoid the office furniture placed in the sun exposure, or long placed in the dark and humid place, because it will cause cracking because of its deformation, or wet expansion, rust and so on.
3. Office furniture in the handling process, avoid hard pull hard pull, so it is easy to damage its mortise structure, should be light lift.
Above is the office furniture, some taboo, only for sharing, in addition, there are many taboo about office furniture, in this one is not a detailed talk, I hope you a lot of attention, in order to extend its life.
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