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Buy steel file cabinet is to pay attention to these three points


With the rapid development of technical level, steel file cabinet has its unique advantages gradually popular, it is environmentally friendly and durable, convenient and safe, favored by the people. Can be so favored file cabinet in the purchase should pay attention to what? Here often office furniture Xiaobian to tell you!
1. In the purchase of steel office file cabinet, we must look at the internal production is solid, the structure between the spot welding technology is tight, the more tightly the same solid point of the file cabinet, the use of the stronger performance, the more durable The
2. In the purchase of steel office file cabinet, take a look at whether the surface of the phosphate and pickling, because some unscrupulous business for personal interests, there is no phosphating and pickling, and direct spray powder, to know this The cabinet cabinet moisture resistance is very poor. Do you know the details of the file cabinet you want to pay attention to.
3. The thickness of the plate, the general file cabinet thickness of the board is divided into 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, the thicker the plate, the greater the bearing capacity, the more durable, but some businesses will use 0.5mm thick file cabinet to impersonate 0.6mm, so it is recommended that you must look at the selection.
The above is to buy steel file cabinet to pay attention, only for sharing, I hope you a lot of attention, choose their own, and quality and cheap file cabinet.

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