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See how the shelves should be kept in winter


The general use of dense shelves to store more information on the file, because of its relatively large size, so regular maintenance is very important to it, then the winter shelves should be how to maintain it? The following often office furniture Xiaobian come to inform you It!
1. Because the winter weather is relatively dry, so give it a modest replenishment, why should moderate water? Because the stent itself is very easy to absorb moisture, if excessive replenishment, it is easy to cause dense frame cracking, rotten and so on.
2. To regular cleaning, it is best to take a dust once a week, if the shelves of the mat can be turned, it is best to flip once a week, to know that this can make uniform wear, greatly extend the shelf life. How to know how to maintain the shelf.
3. Shelves in the winter cleaning process, we must use a soft dry cloth, because the winter shelves surface is very fragile, a little attention will be scratched, so in the clean-up process, we must be particularly careful, try not to use sharp Of the cleaning tool to touch the surface, do not let the hard metal products and dense cabinet collision, so as to avoid flawed.
After reading the above summary, I believe you must know how the winter shelves should be maintained it? Often office furniture is a professional metal products company, we supply the product quality assurance, a wide range, such as steel filing cabinet series, laboratory safety explosion-proof cabinet series, shelf series, tool cabinet table series, welcome before everyone To consult.

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